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The Importance Of Sealing Your Natural Stone Worktop

Sealing your natural stone worktop is an important aspect of household maintenance. It provides a lot of benefits, whilst also preventing a few issues along the way. If you’re interested in what these benefits are, or what could happen if you don’t seal your worktop, then read on to find out more. We’ve put together an overview what worktop sealant does, what it prevents and why it’s important.

What Is A Natural Stone Worktop Sealant?

Natural stone worktop sealant is a chemical barrier coated onto a surface to help protect against spills, stains and damage. It comes in a few different forms, depending on your priorities. There are resin-based, oil-based and water-based sealants available to choose from. It’s important to consider what qualities you’re looking to protect or enhance in your worktop before choosing a sealant. For example, some are thicker and more resilient to protect from heavy use, whereas others focus on colour retention and breathability.

Prevent Poor Hygiene & Stains

Natural stone worktops are generally very resilient, but they can still be porous. This means that bacteria, stains and other spills can permeate the material, causing a risk of damage or poor hygiene. The Food Standards Agency insists on the importance of a clean, non-porous surface in order to sustain a level of hygiene consistently. This is especially important in commercial or business circumstances where food will be in contact with your natural stone worktop and served to the public or guests.

Strength & Water Damage

A quality sealant for your natural stone worktop can prevent any unforeseen water damage that could occur from regular use. As a porous material, natural stone is prone to absorb water, and if left to its devises, could retain moisture that may jeopardise its structural integrity. Natural stone is extremely strong and resilient. However, in a worktop, it can be cut quite thin, and the introduction of water could mean a lack of longevity and eventual cracks or breakages if left untreated or unsealed.

Preserve The Look Of Your Natural Stone Worktop

A natural stone worktop is usually very decorative and often makes a statement within a kitchen. You’ll likely choose a style you love, and as a result, will want to preserve this look. Opting for a sealant can prevent discolouration, fading or damage to the surface of your worktop, meaning it will stay clean, lustrous and pleasing to the eye for the foreseeable future.

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