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Our Guide On Stone Masonry For Your Commercial Property

Commercial stonemasonry is a fantastic way to create a warm, welcoming and natural look for your business premises. Whether it’s a small ornamental wall, external façade or an architectural focal point, you may be wondering how to make the most of this material. Fortunately, we’ve put together this guide on the subject to help shed some light on how you can utilise natural stone.

How To Pick The Right Stone

The first element of commercial stonemasonry is picking the right stone for your building. There are many factors to consider, including look, longevity and maintenance requirements. We cover this below to provide you with more detail on the matter.

Styles Of Commercial Stonemasonry To Consider

The look of your commercial stonemasonry is of paramount importance. Generally speaking, you want to pick a style that complements the surrounding architecture. However, with many types of natural stone to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a decision based purely on this. We recommend picking one that is naturally occurring in the area. Moorland areas typical have limestone and granite, whereas coastal areas may be better suited to sandstone.

Maintenance & Repairs

Another element of commercial stonemasonry is considering the maintenance, repair and upkeep costs. Some stones are naturally more long lasting and resistant to the weather. If longevity is essential to you, then we recommend opting for a stone like granite. It’s extremely tough and resilient, which means repairs will be minimal. Additionally, the style of stonework you opt for can affect this too. Traditional stonemasonry is done with a lime mortar. However, a cement mortar may be the better choice if strength is key.

Hiring The Right Stonemason

The right contractor is crucial when it comes to commercial stonemasonry. Whether it’s a standard exterior wall or a unique architectural piece, you’ll want a skilled tradesman to carry out the work. Not only will they be qualified and experienced, but a contractor who’s an expert in their field will be able to create works of art that make your business premises stand out.

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